Viking Electric Supply, an electrical distributor, vendor and supply company, has been working with Cal-Tex for more than 14 years. Cal-Tex relies on Viking for quotes, on time-deliveries and exceptional customer service. Throughout the years Cal-Tex has built a strong relationship with Viking and more importantly Greg Kelcher, a Viking sales representative and a good friend or Cal-Tex. Greg takes care of all of Cal-Tex’s supply needs and he even comes into the Cal-Tex office every other Thursday to make sure Viking is meeting our expectations, often bringing doughnuts or bagels.  

So it was no surprise when Greg showed up a few weeks ago at Cal-Tex with tickets for the Minnesota Wild vs. Winnipeg Jets hockey game. In fact, Viking gave Cal-Tex 21 tickets to hand out to our employees. As a result, Cal-Tex had all types of folks showing up to the game from our Chief Operating Officer to our foremen, journeymen, project managers and office staff. Greg made sure we were all taken care of at the Wild’s home game at the Xcel Energy Center in downtown St. Paul. Viking stocked the suite with beverages, food and a surprise visit from the dessert cart. Our suite came with an awesome view of the game, where the Wild won 5 to 1. The night was full of food, hockey, and bonding.

Thank you, Greg, and the entire Viking Electric Team for a great night out!