Congratulations to Sam Mertens who is the Cal-Tex Electric Journeyman of the Month for October. Cal-Tex Electric has taken notice and appreciates the hard work you have put into your career here at Cal-Tex. Sam is an outstanding Electrician and has worked at Cal-Tex for the last five years. Through the years, Sam has really grown as an Electrician, and he earned his Journeymen’s License in 2018. His hard work did not go unnoticed! Sam was awarded the Most Improved Electrician of the Year in 2018 at the Cal-Tex Christmas party.

Throughout his time at Cal-Tex Electric, Sam’s primary Project Manager has been Dan Cameron. Sam says, “We’ve built trust between us which has given us a work environment with little, to no micromanaging.” Dan nominated Sam for Journeyman of the Month, because he sees Sam’s exceptional work on a regular basis. Sam’s most memorable job was the Alamo Draft House. Sam was involved with this project from start to finish – he saw it from shell work all the way to rooftop being put on.
When Sam isn’t working, he likes to treat his wife to date nights, spend time with his son and “nerding” out with Dungeon’s & Dragons.

Thank you, Sam, for everything you have done for Cal-Tex!