Employee Spotlight: January

Easy going, determined, hardworking, and all with a sense of humor: these are traits that our Employee of the Month, Journeyman, Jeremy Haralson possess.

This coming November will be Jeremy’s 10th year anniversary with Cal-Tex Electric. Jeremy has worked incredible hard over these 10 years, and in his own words, explains that “My role at Cal-Tex is to crush projects.” Jeremy’s Project Manager, Matt Bright, would fully agree with that statement. Matt has complete trust in Jeremy to run projects, and to do them successfully. Jeremy’s favorite project was for Workinesh Spice Blends – automation always interested him, and here he had the opportunity to set up a new automated grinding process machinery.

We learned Jeremy’s dream vacation would be to Bali, and we hope one day Jeremy will be able to take that vacation. He’s very dedicated to his work and he seldom ever takes time off.

Jeremy is full of knowledge and fun facts. One interesting fact that Jeremy knew off the top of his head was, “If bitten by a Brazilian wandering spider the venom produces an effect similar to Viagra.” Interesting…right?

We can’t thank Jeremy enough for all he has done for Cal-Tex Electric.

Congratulations Jeremy! Cheers to 10 years this year and hoping to see you at Cal-Tex for another 10!