Proud Mom Moment: Jonathon Burns

Jonathon is enrolled in our NCCER training program where he receives in house and on the job training! Cal-Tex Electric is built on both the talents and hard work of the exceptional people we hire. That’s why we reward our employees generously and support them continuously. The result has been an ever-growing customer base and a team that is loyal to Cal-Tex’s mission of changing the way people perceive service.

This kid. He came home after a 12 hour day and was SO excited to see that his code book came in so he can study. His work ethic will pay dividends throughout his life, as will the training and education he is receiving as an apprentice electrician, an education that he is being paid to receive, as opposed to accumulating debt. College is absolutely the right path for many, but it’s not a one size fits all approach to the future. I am so proud of the path Jonathon Burns is on.

Heidi Burns, Proud mom.